Sunday, 21 August 2011

the whole week was awesome but that pretty girl kept on calling him. i began to wonder why he was talking to me. and when he was talking to me i asked why he was not picking up his girlfriend's call........................and he answered she's not my girlfriend and she's kind of a stalker. i started laughing and he said he likes my smile, i just looked away trying to hide my embarrassment. as i was entering my geography class, Blake was waiting for me at the door and we entered the class. Blake is kind of obsessed with me and doesn't let me go. and today he went on to holding my hand. Logan happens to be in my geo class and he was surprised when we walked in and then he started laughing!. in the middle of the class he passed me a note stating "nice boyfriend". when class got over he walked up to me and said nice entrance and i was like he's not my boyfriend!.

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