Sunday, 21 August 2011

the whole week was awesome but that pretty girl kept on calling him. i began to wonder why he was talking to me. and when he was talking to me i asked why he was not picking up his girlfriend's call........................and he answered she's not my girlfriend and she's kind of a stalker. i started laughing and he said he likes my smile, i just looked away trying to hide my embarrassment. as i was entering my geography class, Blake was waiting for me at the door and we entered the class. Blake is kind of obsessed with me and doesn't let me go. and today he went on to holding my hand. Logan happens to be in my geo class and he was surprised when we walked in and then he started laughing!. in the middle of the class he passed me a note stating "nice boyfriend". when class got over he walked up to me and said nice entrance and i was like he's not my boyfriend!.

Saturday, 20 August 2011

the next day i went early to school to complete my math homework, that's when i saw my english teacher getting out of the car with a big pile of papers so i went to help him out. while i was carry the papers into the school, i dropped it by mistake. i noticed it was my classes english test paper and i just saw what grades we got. i got a B+ and someone noticed this and the new spread like fire. in the next hour i had twenty people asking me what their grade was! i was being mobbed by my class mates and this pissed me off, they were dancing on my last nerves. and then Logan came up to me and asked me what his grade was, i was in shock that he knew my name! i said he got an A+, and he sat beside me, which was creepy cause i could not concentrate at all! and then he said something but could not concentrate at all! he had beautiful lips..........i never noticed that, ok i did! wow this must be a dream

Thursday, 18 August 2011

by the next few days things had changed drastically................i glanced at him and i noticed he was looking at me. i thought i was wearing the shirt the wrong way or something was wrong! Blake noticed this and asked me i know HIM. and i said no, i finally found out what his name was, he Logan, every girls dream guy!. i began to wonder why i lied to Blake???????? i didn't wanna hurt him but i felt there was something else. but i had nothing to worry about as there was no way in hell Logan was going to talk to me.
                    as i was coming out of school, i noticed Logan talking to a beautiful girl and the first thought that came to me was she must be his girlfriend or his ex?. but she was so pretty and they were arguing about something but sadly i dont have super sonic ears. as i passed them to meet up with Nancy i could feel their eyes on me. now i know he was looking at me..............but why?.

Monday, 15 August 2011

wow the world was a freaky place...............a guy liked me but i didn't like him back,i liked a guy (i think) and he did not know who i was...........................................the world has its own laws. days past but the guy still did not notice me, at first i thought alright i must be creeping him out and then later i felt hurt and did not care. i started to accept the fact that he did not like me or even now me. but something was strange with him,he was not normal, i mean he was hot and all but something was not right. and when i was facebooking my Andrea i had a sudden urge to be his friend, and being the gutless me i did not!!!!!!!!! i know i'm a coward. we had history together, history the most boring subject on this planet!and then something happenned..............................oops you're gonna wait!

Sunday, 14 August 2011

THE UNKNOWN NEVER DIES: The unknown never dies

THE UNKNOWN NEVER DIES: The unknown never dies: "Dear diary, I hate to say this but I’m terrified of what will happen if I tell Theo that I am going to the prom with M..."

THE UNKNOWN NEVER DIES: The unknown never dies

THE UNKNOWN NEVER DIES: The unknown never dies: "Dear diary, I hate to say this but I’m terrified of what will happen if I tell Theo that I am going to the prom with M..."
                                     as i was standing out, i was thinking ................OMG my mom's gonna kill me, i was chewing on my nails (i know its a bad habit). i was mad literally mad! i was thinking of ways to escape that's when he walked in, my jaw dropped amd i was like who's this??????????????. he went into the principle's office and had come out with his schedule. Was he a teacher or a student................i was praying that he should be a student cause i cant like a teacher! i mean their old!!!!!! and then he glanced at me and my heart was pounding like a hammer! Man he was really hot! i could not take my eyes off him like when a TVD fan looks at Damon. and then it was my turn i went into the office and talked my way out. and then i had english which was quite interesting!.
                                     lunch was boring but my eyes were constantly searching for the hot guy..................and then i saw him walking towards the lunch tables and Andrea being herself said "i dont like this", i replied by saying " shut up you idiot". i must be creepy to have someone staring at you right????????. and then Nancy was like hmmmmmmmmm he's hot (and the verdict was out) and i was like i know!!!!!!.
                                     he looked amazing, he was well built, tall and very handsome. But i was like he's never gonna like me, i mean look at me, a complete dork! and i got up but when i turned to see Blake standing there. he was like my little puppy! he like me but i did not feel anything for him. sometimes i felt sad for him. he deserves to be loved but i have no guts to tell him that. i was afraid i might hurt him. and i'm not mean .............atleast i like to believe that!