Thursday, 18 August 2011

by the next few days things had changed drastically................i glanced at him and i noticed he was looking at me. i thought i was wearing the shirt the wrong way or something was wrong! Blake noticed this and asked me i know HIM. and i said no, i finally found out what his name was, he Logan, every girls dream guy!. i began to wonder why i lied to Blake???????? i didn't wanna hurt him but i felt there was something else. but i had nothing to worry about as there was no way in hell Logan was going to talk to me.
                    as i was coming out of school, i noticed Logan talking to a beautiful girl and the first thought that came to me was she must be his girlfriend or his ex?. but she was so pretty and they were arguing about something but sadly i dont have super sonic ears. as i passed them to meet up with Nancy i could feel their eyes on me. now i know he was looking at me..............but why?.

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