Sunday, 14 August 2011

                                     as i was standing out, i was thinking ................OMG my mom's gonna kill me, i was chewing on my nails (i know its a bad habit). i was mad literally mad! i was thinking of ways to escape that's when he walked in, my jaw dropped amd i was like who's this??????????????. he went into the principle's office and had come out with his schedule. Was he a teacher or a student................i was praying that he should be a student cause i cant like a teacher! i mean their old!!!!!! and then he glanced at me and my heart was pounding like a hammer! Man he was really hot! i could not take my eyes off him like when a TVD fan looks at Damon. and then it was my turn i went into the office and talked my way out. and then i had english which was quite interesting!.
                                     lunch was boring but my eyes were constantly searching for the hot guy..................and then i saw him walking towards the lunch tables and Andrea being herself said "i dont like this", i replied by saying " shut up you idiot". i must be creepy to have someone staring at you right????????. and then Nancy was like hmmmmmmmmm he's hot (and the verdict was out) and i was like i know!!!!!!.
                                     he looked amazing, he was well built, tall and very handsome. But i was like he's never gonna like me, i mean look at me, a complete dork! and i got up but when i turned to see Blake standing there. he was like my little puppy! he like me but i did not feel anything for him. sometimes i felt sad for him. he deserves to be loved but i have no guts to tell him that. i was afraid i might hurt him. and i'm not mean .............atleast i like to believe that!


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