Saturday, 20 August 2011

the next day i went early to school to complete my math homework, that's when i saw my english teacher getting out of the car with a big pile of papers so i went to help him out. while i was carry the papers into the school, i dropped it by mistake. i noticed it was my classes english test paper and i just saw what grades we got. i got a B+ and someone noticed this and the new spread like fire. in the next hour i had twenty people asking me what their grade was! i was being mobbed by my class mates and this pissed me off, they were dancing on my last nerves. and then Logan came up to me and asked me what his grade was, i was in shock that he knew my name! i said he got an A+, and he sat beside me, which was creepy cause i could not concentrate at all! and then he said something but could not concentrate at all! he had beautiful lips..........i never noticed that, ok i did! wow this must be a dream

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